Dapas improves your existing work processes

  • How do I shorten the turnaround time of the annual accounts for my clients?
  • Do we not spend too many hours on that new assignment?
  • Can we connect our software so we can get more out of our software?
  • How compliant are we? 
Dapas Software answers these questions.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Dapas Software is an innovative IT service provider, helping audit firms to gain more control over their work processes and their returns. We do this with our online integration platform. Important: we know exactly what the processes within audit firms look like - partly because we have worked within those walls ourselves. As a result, we do not only talk IT but we can also talk on the same level if it concerns accounting subjects and therefore expedite matters.

With Dapas Software you can arrange:

  • process optimization through integration of software
  • standardization of your office processes
  • insight into your business management - both reflective and predictive
The Dapas Process Manager (DPM), developed by us, also compels IT with IT office manuals. This makes it possible to work more efficiently and more compliant - and that is reflected in your return.

Our people

Does this mean that we are a tough high-tech IT company? Certainly! But our specialists sincerely understand that new IT also stands for organizational change. We also understand that careful introduction to your employees is necessary. Because if your employees say 'yes', but do they just think 'no'? Then you usually have a problem. That is why we ensure that the 'soft side' succeeds in the implementation within your office (organization).

In close cooperation with our customers and partners, we are working on ever better IT services. That gives a lot of satisfaction and energy. Every day again!

Our products...

Whether you are ready or not, both our products allready changed the accountancy branch dramatically in the most positive way imagineable. Top accountancy firms are allready taking advantages by useing our DPM and they cannot wait to get their hands on the DCM which solves their compliance needs for their entire organisation. See how your organisation can benefit from our products.

Dapas Process Manager

Our core product. The glue between the different applications your organisation uses to service your clients needs every day.

Dapas Compliance Manager

Alltough still in development, the Dapas Compliance Manager helps your organisation determin whether or not to accept and service a client and wether or not to accept the engagement letter. Based on the current legislation and internal compliancy rules.